Sunday, April 27, 2008

There's something in the air ... Lately the radio stations here are little by little getting christmas songs into their playlist. This is the thing I am referring to that's in the air. Since September started a few days ago, we cant help but just count the days till Christmas. There's this countdown calendar out in the hall at the ateneo and the last time I took a glance at it is says: 111 days to Christmas. The last time i checked it, it was still 114. We even had a little joke about that countdown calendar. It serves as a threat to all the ninongs and ninangs out there who has a lot of godchildren to look after during christmas. Whoa! talk about severe christmas shopping That includes me The air of Christmas is slowly coming in and it's something to look forward to.

Like i said, I had a "reading" weekend. It was a restful one too. I spent the time finishing up with the book "In the Presence of My Enemies". From there, ill start of with "The Sandman: The Kindly Ones". I've also gotten back into my self-study habits again just to refresh my brains too. I got to watch one sunday show on tv and its somewhat like a talkshow. It was On Location and their featured guest artist was Jim Paredes. One guy i admire, not only because he is one of the Apo Hiking Society, but also he is an atenean and a very talented photographer. I always had this passion too in me but somehow didnt got the chance to master and practice it. Maybe in the future, who knows. Now I need to get to the shops and start thinking about buying things. Me and the boys are into our surfing at the moment, so I might just buy myself a decent surfboard for Christmas.